Fix and Flip Loans

Fix & Flip Loans

What are Fix and Flip Loans?

Fix and Flip loans are for real estate investors who want to purchase an investment property, rehab it, and sell it for profit. Unlike a conventional mortgage, a Fix and Flip loan is a short-term, hard money loan that is underwritten and ready to close quickly.

For Who/What are Fix and Flip Loans Best Suited?

Fix and Flip loans are ideal for investors who need a quick closing on a non-owner occupied property so that they can improve it with renovations, and sell it within one year. From cleared land to multifamily rental properties: when real estate investment opportunities abound, Cutter Hill Capital is here to finance the purchase as well as construction.

Fix and Flip Loans At A Glance:

Property Types:

Non-owner occupied single family to 2-4 family


12 months initial term

Loan Amount:

$100,000 to $2Mil

Interest Rates:

Starting at 9%

Loan To Value (LTV):

Up to 75% purchase price

Prepayment Penalty:


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Fix and Flip Loans

CHC has been instrumental in a multitude of real estate transactions. Our experience has afforded us the flexibility to creatively structure loans and ensure the success of our borrowers. With our fast execution, high standards in customer service, and commitment to meeting our borrowers needs, Cutter Hill Capital is an emerging leader in private real estate lending.

Types of Rehab Loans

There are many different types of rehab loans designed to suit a variety of our borrowers’ needs. Cutter Hill Capital offers the following short term loan products:

  • Fix and Flip – For real estate investors who are looking to purchase a single-family or 2-4 unit residential property, renovate, and sell the property within a year. 
  • Buy and Hold – For real estate investors who seek to purchase and renovate a non-owner occupied property prior to refinancing into a long-term conventional loan.  Loan funds would typically be used for the purchase and renovation of single-family, small multi-family, and mixed use properties.
  • Construction – For real estate investors who own a property free and clear and plan to use the loan funds to either renovate an existing residence or build new construction.  Property types for this loan product are typically single-family and 2-4 unit residential properties.
  • Bridge – For real estate investors who need to ‘season’ or stabilize the property prior to refinancing with a conventional longer-term loan.  This product can also be used by real estate investors who do not qualify for a conventional longer-term loan, but plan to refinance once they meet the bank’s qualifications.  Loan funds for this product would typically be used for acquisition purposes of a variety of residential or commercial property types.

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