Renovation/Construction Loans

Renovation/Construction Loans

What are Construction/Renovation Loans?

Construction and/or renovation loans meet a different need than conventional mortgages. Rather than a 15 or 30 year term, a Construction loan is a short term loan product specifically for building or renovating single family and 2-4 family properties.

Who are Construction/Renovation Loans Best Suited For?

These loans are best suited for seasoned investors who have a track record of three or more transactions. It is also required that the investor own the property free and clear.

Renovation/Construction Loans At A Glance:

Property Types:

Non-owner occupied single family to 2-4 family size property


12 - 24 months term

Loan Amount:

$200,000 to $2.5M

Interest Rates:

Starting at 9%

Loan To Value (LTV):

Up to 75% - Property Free and Clear

Prepayment Penalty:


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Renovation/Construction Loans

The principals of Cutter Hill Capital have successfully completed countless real estate transactions, and continuously strive to address the pain points that real estate investors face when seeking short-term financing. With our expertise, commitment to innovation, and rates as low as 9%, Cutter Hill is able to creatively structure loans to meet the needs of the borrower. 

Benefits of Construction/Renovation Loans

Construction/Renovation loans are a great choice for investors who own a property that is in need of extensive renovation, or investors who own land and want capital for new construction. These loans are short term, only 12-24 months, and are meant to cover plans, permits, fees, materials, labor and closing costs.

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