Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial Bridge Loans

What are Commercial Bridge Loans?

Commercial Bridge Loans are a short-term loan product for real estate investors who need to bridge the gap until they are ready to secure conventional long-term financing. Funds are usually used to purchase a residential, commercial, or mixed use property.

What are Commercial Bridge Loans Best Used For?

Commercial Bridge Loans are for any real estate investor needing to “season” or stabilize their property prior to refinancing with a conventional long-term loan. This product can also be used by real estate investors who do not qualify for a conventional longer-term loan, but plan to refinance once they meet the bank’s qualifications.

Commercial Bridge Loans At A Glance:

Best Suited For:

Seasoned investors with a proven track record of 3+ previous investments

Property Types:

Commercial properties

Loan Term:

6 - 24 months

Loan Size:

$1M - $7.5M

Interest Rate:


Prepayment Penalty:


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About Commercial Bridge Loans

Benefits of Using Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial Bridge loans are of great benefit to investors because of the flexibility they offer. These loans allow real estate investors to meet their immediate expense obligations, renovate, stabilize cash flow, adjust rental rates in their commercial properties, or simply improve their own credit rating before refinancing with a conventional loan.

Why Choose Cutter Hill for Commercial Bridge Loans

Cutter Hill Capital is a direct lender with discretionary capital. This allows us the flexibility to accommodate a variety of scenarios, with our focus trained on the success of the borrower. Founded by principals with experience in over 1,000 real estate transactions, we have the expertise and skill to structure loans that meet the needs of real estate investors.

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