Buy and Hold Loans

Buy & Hold Loans

What Are Buy and Hold Loans?

Buy and hold loans are a short-term loan product targeted for real estate investors who are looking to purchase and renovate a property prior to refinancing with a longer-term conventional loan.  Loan funds would typically be used for the purchase and renovation of single-family, small multi-family, and mixed use properties.

For Who or What are Buy and Hold Loans Best Suited?

Buy and hold loans are specially structured for real estate investors wishing to purchase a property and hold on to it for a time. Usually the property is rented out to a tenant in order to cover the costs of financing.

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Buy and Hold Loans

With experience in over 1000 real estate transactions, Cutter Hill Capital’s principals have built a loan platform that seeks to address some of the frustrations encountered by real estate investors when seeking short-term financing. With our expertise, commitment to innovation, and rates as low as 9%, Cutter Hill prides itself on creatively structuring loans to meet the needs of the borrower.

Benefits of Buy and Hold Loans

There are many benefits to the buy and hold strategy of real estate investing. Cutter Hill Capital’s customized Buy and Hold loans allow the borrower to finance their short term project while they make improvements or find tenants before refinancing into a long term loan product. In the meantime, their property appreciates and they increase their financial security.

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